Willing Observers Community

Make inequities visible and create impactful change.

About Willing Observers Community

The Willing Observers Community is an initiative of Willing Observers LLC, a company that provides diversity, equity, and inclusion services by taking a cultural approach to social and organizational change. This means understanding that values, beliefs, and practices that create exclusion often operate invisibly as everyday norms. In this community, we are committed to providing a space for empowering change agents. Our mission is to equip our members with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to notice and intervene in inequalities, as well as to institutionalize infrastructures in their organizations and communities to build inclusive, equitable, and sustainable change.

To more effectively enact diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) change in your communities and organizations, the Willing Observer Community offers the following: 

  • Education on DEI issues with self-guided activities that you can use for journaling, team development, and in the classroom.

  • Articles written by anthropologists and cultural experts with self-guided activities to enrich your DEI practice. 

  • Access to monthly livestream coffee conversations with the co-founders of Willing Observers, anthropologists and consultants on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Virtual events, including guest speakers, training, and workshops.

  • Special pricing on DEI trainings, workshops, and other events.

  • Opportunity to chat and message other Willing Observer Community members and to network with similarly mission-driven DEI practitioners

Community Guidelines

To use this space, all members must abide by the following community guidelines.

- Be generous: Assume best intentions. If someone has made an error or made an offense, name the specific action as such and explain why it was damaging behavior.

- Be open: Be open to learning new ideas and about different experiences, as well as to being wrong every once in a while.

- Strive to be empathetic: We do not need to agree on a specific view of the world, but we should do our best to respect other's experiences in the world as valid and authentic, even if they differ from others.

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